Understanding PatientCareLink’s Hospital Data

Patients and their families can use the PatientCareLink site to get a clearer picture of the care being provided to them when they're in the hospital. By using this site, you can learn about treatments and processes of care that are known to get the best results for most adult patients. Plus you can see how every hospital in the state staffs each one of their units.

Staffing Plans & Staffing Reports:

Massachusetts has some of the best hospitals in the world, known for their innovation, medical breakthroughs and pioneering research. But all these benefits would not save lives if it weren't for the caring and compassionate team of trained professionals who take care of you when you're a hospital patient.

Being a patient in a hospital can be stressful. You know and trust your doctor, but he or she isn't going to be at your side throughout your stay. So, who is? The answer is that a lot of people will be taking care of you, and it all depends on how ill you are, what kind of care you need, and what kind of hospital is treating you.

This website is designed to show you - on a unit-by-unit basis for each hospital in the Commonwealth - who will be on staff to help you or a loved one during a hospital stay.

Read more FAQs about Staffing Plans here.

Performance Measures:

The PatientCareLink site lets patients see how each hospital in Massachusetts meets agreed-upon national guidelines for  Falls, Falls with Injury and Pressure Ulcer Prevalence.

The PatientCareLink website allows you to track a particular hospital's efforts to meet these measure standards, and see how the hospital compares to "peer" hospitals of the same size.

Click here to see Massachusetts Hospitals' performance measures.

Massachusetts Hospitals Provide This Transparency Voluntarily

It's important to note that Massachusetts hospitals - considered among the best in the world - are voluntarily presenting this information and are actually leading the nation in their approach to statewide voluntary transparency and accountability efforts. While all hospitals nationwide participate in posting some data on the "CMS Hospital Compare" website, no other state is collecting and posting falls,  falls with injury and pressure ulcer data voluntarily.