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Latest News for Patients and Families

Patients & Families

A Simple Step: A Call for Long-Term Healthcare Planning

A coalition of leading organizations is coming together to promote proactive care decision-making by calling on patients to designate a healthcare agent.

How Community Members Can Help A Stressed System

As healthcare organizations and caregivers navigate another challenging winter, the Massachusetts Health & Hospital Association is sharing these basic measures that community members can take to help support the system

NAM launches AHA-supported resource compendium for health care worker well-being

The National Academy of Medicine today launched Resource Compendium for Health Care Worker Well-Being, which highlights...

Latest News for Improving Patient Care

Improving Patient Care

Patient Safety Awareness Week: March 12-18

Includes three free webinars hosted by IHI.

MHA Members Issue a United Call to Action on Violence in Healthcare Facilities

Principles will be adapted within each organization’s Codes of Conduct.

WEBINAR | Care of Infants with RSV in the NICU

On December 19, 2022, MHA hosted this webinar with four key objectives.

Latest Success Stories

Success Stories

AONL’s Releases Third Section of its Workforce Compendium

This section focuses on academic-practice partnerships, culture of inquiry, and total rewards.

MHA Launches New Workforce Toolkit

Building on the success of our Workforce Summit, MHA developed an interactive toolkit to share just a few of the best and emerging practices to address current workforce challenges.

Story: Hospitals align care with new state requirements for patients with dementia

The unique safety and care needs of geriatric patients are receiving increased attention in hospitals, due in part to new state requirements for identifying patients with dementia and optimizing their care.

After the Hospital:

A Guide to Post-Acute Care

The Massachusetts Health & Hospital Association (MHA) prepared this guide to support you and your family to make the best decisions about your post-acute care options. The information in this guide will help you to make these healthcare choices confidently. »Read more

The Healthcare Provider Promise

PatientCareLink participants promise and are committed to following the Five Guiding Principles:
  1. Advancing Healthcare Quality and Patient Safety
  2. Providing Hospital Staffing that Meets Patient Needs
  3. Making Healthcare Data and Performance Measures Transparent and Publicly Available
  4. Empowering Patients and Families in their Healthcare Choices
  5. Promoting Development/Advancement of the Healthcare Workforce in a Safe, Respectful and Supportive Work Environment
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