Mortality Resources

The Quality and Patient Safety Division from the Massachusetts Board of Registration in Medicine has put together a Hospital Mortality Report using the results from a statewide survey with follow-up interviews.

NCHS Data Brief, June 2011:  Inpatient Care for Septicemia or Sepsis: A Challenge for Patients and Hospitals

Septicemia and sepsis are serious bloodstream infections that can rapidly become life-threatening. They arise from various infections, including those of the skin, lungs, abdomen, and urinary tract. Patients with these conditions are often treated in a hospital's intensive care unit. Early aggressive treatment increases the chance of survival. In 2008, an estimated $14.6 billion was spent on hospitalizations for septicemia, and from 1997 through 2008, the inflation-adjusted aggregate costs for treating patients.   >>Read More


M-LiNk promoted a series of MHA and locally-sponsored educational offerings and related programs focused on reducing hospital mortality.  M-LiNk provided access to faculty experts, evidence-based interventions and local best practices to improve related structures, processes and outcomes. 


Recordings and Materials used in M-LiNK 2011 - 2012 Educational Offerings can be found here.