After the Hospital: A Guide to Post-Acute Care

Navigating the care journey after the hospital can often be complex and unclear for both providers and patients.

It is crucial that patients receive the right care, at the right time, and in the right place after leaving the hospital, so that their individual goals and needs are met and their quality of life is as optimal as possible.

With that in mind, MHA’s Continuum of Care Council undertook a collaborative process to create an “After the Hospital” post-acute care guide for patients, families, providers, and clinicians. This guide is the first of its kind among healthcare systems across the country.

Are you a patient, family member, or provider looking for guidance on what kind of post-hospital care is best based on your unique situation? Refer to these guides:

For Patients and Families:

Translated versions are available here.

For Healthcare Providers:

Full Guide:

After the Hospital: Where Care is Provided

For many patients, their care journey does not end when they are discharged from the hospital. They may need care from:

  • Home health clinicians
  • Behavioral health professionals 
  • Therapists (physical, occupational, speech, or cognitive)
  • Outpatient rehabilitation or mental health providers
  • Social services and supports
  • Hospice or palliative care 

Additional Post-Acute Guide Resources

The Massachusetts Health & Hospital Association has made these additional resources available for download:

Webinar :

Watch this video to see the leaders of MHA’s Continuum of Care Council discuss the new Post-Acute Care Guide and how it can help patients, families, and providers navigate care following a hospitalization or medical eventCare After the Hospital: A New Tool to Finding the Right Post Acute Care

For Patients:
How Can Post-Acute Care Help Me?
Post-Acute Care Services
Common Examples of Post-Acute Needs
Other Helpful Resources

For Providers – patient communications materials:
POSTER: (11″x 17″) Post-Acute Care Services
POSTCARD: (5″x 8″) Post-Acute Care Services
POSTER: (11″x 17″) How Can Post-Acute Care Help Me?
POSTCARD: (5″x 8″) How Can Post-Acute Care Help Me?

For Providers – decision-making guides:
Key Goals for Providers and Clinicians
Checklist: Questions to Consider When Patient is Going from Hospital to Home
Checklist: Questions to Consider When Patient is Going from the Hospital to a Facility
Checklist: Questions to Consider During the Planning Process
Terms at-a-glance