Hospital Association of Rhode Island (HARI) Hospital Data

HARI hospitals have a proud record of pursuing and delivering safe, high-quality patient care, continued improvement demands leadership, dedication, and innovation. To meet that challenge, HARI hospitals have joined with the Massachusetts Health & Hospital Association(MHA) and Organization of Nurse Leaders MA, RI, NH, CT, VT (ONL) with their sweeping quality-and-safety initiative to: foster a work environment in hospitals that supports caregivers and promotes patient safety; help ensure effective staffing; advance best practices in patient care; and involve both patients and the public in improving that care.

How to Read and Understand Staffing Plans

Many healthcare professionals care for you as part of a team when you are hospitalized. A nurse cares for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week and partners with many other healthcare professionals – including your doctor – to meet your varying care needs. On staffing plans, “Direct Caregivers” may include nursing aides, assistants and respiratory therapists, among others. Team members listed in the “Additional Care Team Members” section, such as clinical pharmacists, nutritionists, Intravenous (IV) Therapy Teams and Staff Educators also help coordinate and deliver your care.

There are many variables to consider in terms of what constitutes safe, efficient staffing for a particular hospital unit. Every patient care unit is different based upon the types of patients cared for on that unit, and the way in which care is organized and delivered there; Staffing for individual units can vary based on the education and experience level of the staff, support from nurse educators and nurse managers on a given unit, as well as on the unique characteristics and mission of the hospital.

Staffing Plans & Reports

Designed to show you – on a unit-by-unit basis for each HARI hospital – who will be on staff to help you or a loved one during a hospital stay.

Know Who’s Who on Your Hospital Team

First and foremost, each patient has a nurse assigned to him or her at all times – 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This “primary nurse” works closely with your doctor to oversee and coordinate your care. Even when your nurse is on break, there is a nurse assigned to be responsible for your safe care. The nurse develops a plan for each of his or her patients and leads a team that helps with your care. Below is a list of the other professionals who may help your nurse and doctor care for you based on your individual needs. Any questions about your care should be directed to your primary nurse or to the nurse manager.

 Hospital Association of Rhode Island (HARI) Project Manager Login

The participating HARI hospital’s assigned Project Managers will receive an email alerting them that the staffing data submission site is open, along with the deadline for data submission and a link to the PCL site to logon and enter their staffing data.

For Project Manager information contact:

Nancy Fogarty
Director, Clinical Services
Hospital Association of Rhode Island