Recommendation: Taking Action Against Clinician Burnout

GOAL 1. CREATE POSITIVE WORK ENVIRONMENTS: Transform health care work systems by creating positive work environments that prevent and reduce burnout, foster professional well-being, and support quality care.

GOAL 2. CREATE POSITIVE LEARNING ENVIRONMENTS: Transform health professions education and training to optimize learning environments that prevent and reduce burnout and foster professional well-being.

GOAL 3. REDUCE ADMINISTRATIVE BURDEN: Prevent and reduce the negative consequences on clinicians’ professional well-being that emanate from laws, regulations, policies, and standards promulgated by health care policy, regulatory, and standards-setting entities, including government agencies (federal, state, and local), professional organizations, and accreditors.

GOAL 4. ENABLE TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS: Through collaboration and engagement of vendors, clinicians, and expert health information technology system developers, develop health information technologies to support clinicians in providing high-quality patient care.

GOAL 5. PROVIDE SUPPORT TO CLINICIANS AND LEARNERS: Reduce the stigma and eliminate the barriers associated with obtaining support needed to prevent and alleviate burnout symptoms, facilitate recovery from burnout, and foster professional well-being among learners and practicing clinicians.

GOAL 6. INVEST IN RESEARCH: Provide dedicated funding for research on clinician professional well-being.

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