Honoring Choices “Everyone, Everyday” Initiative

Make a plan for quality care today & everyday. The “Everyone, Everyday” initiative reaches out to all adults to make a personal health care plan within their own language, culture and ability, and receive the best possible care today and everyday, starting at 18 years old and continuing all through their lifetime.

Make Your Plan. Then, Help Move it Forward! You can start to make your own personal health care plan and put it into action with your care providers using the free Honoring Choices Getting Started Tool Kit. Then, inform and empower your family members, friends, neighbors and all adults in your community — anywhere adults live, work and gather. It’s easy to do. We’ll provide the free tools and programs.

Everyone can help: community groups, faith and cultural groups, and local business can get involved. Your support can help us reach all Massachusetts adults to open the door to health care planning and improve quality care for all.

Here’s how it works: